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Tsukuba Economics Working Papers (TEWP)


Shafiqullah Yousafzai & Hisahiro Naito
The Effect of Volatility of Unpredicted Exchange Rate Movement and Labor Market Rigidity on Export

Chrispin Kamuikeni & Hisahiro Naito
The Effect of Climate Change on Internal Migration: Evidence from Micro Census Data of 16 Sub-Saharan African Countries

Meiyi Zhuang and Hisahiro Naito
Marital Bargaining and Assortative Matching on Fertility Preference : Evidence based on Cross-sectional Data in China

Meiyi Zhuang, Xinyi Zhang and Hisahiro Naito
Does Exposure to PM2.5 Increase the Likelihood of Early Retirement in Middle-Aged Individuals? Evidence from Chinese Data


Hanif Ammazia & Yuko Nakano & Midori Matsushima
The benefit of clean water on child health: An empirical analysis with specific reference to Escherichia Coli water contamination

Zhe Chen and Yoshinori Kurokawa
The Value Added-Exports Puzzle and Global Value Chains


Hanif Ammazia, Yuko Nakano, and Midori Matsushima
The Impact of Access to Improved Sanitation Facilities on Child Health in Pakistan

Hisahiro Naito and Isurun Upeksha Gamage
Effect of PM 2.5 Exposure at the Conception and at the Birth on Child Mortality: Evidence from Asian Countries

Hisahiro Naito and Shinnosuke Yamamoto
Is Better Access to Mobile Networks Associated with Increased Mobile Money Adoption? Evidence from the Micro-data of Six Developing Countries


Arjad Abbas Khosa, Yoshinori Kurokawa, and Zhengfei Yu
Impact of Trade on Industry-Level Output

Hisahiro Naito and Askar Ismailov and Albert Benson Kimaro
The Effect of Mobile Money on Borrowing and Saving: Evidence from Tanzania

MD. Alamgir Hossain, Abdul Malek Mohammad, and Zhengfei Yu
Impact of Rural Credit on Household Welfare: Evidence from a Long-Term Panel in Bangladesh



Ruixuan Liu and Zhengfei Yu
Simple Semiparametric Estimation of Ordered Response Models: with an Application to the Interdependence Duration Models

Ruixuan Liu and Zhengfei Yu
Accelerated Failure Time Models with Log-concave Errors

Askar Ismailov, Albert Benson Kimaro and Hisahiro Naito
The Effect of Mobile Money Usage on Borrowing, Saving, and Receiving Remittances: Evidence from Tanzania

Salome Maseki and Hisahiro Naito
Does Education Reduce Fertility in a Low Income Country ? Evidence based on Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design in Tanzania


Mizuho Asai and Hisahiro Naito
Did the Presence of Immigrants Affect Vote Outcome in the UK Brexit Referendum ?

Hisahiro Naito
Welfare-improving Consumption Tax in the Presence of Wage Tax under Idiosyncratic Returns from Investment and Incomplete Markets

Zhe Chen and Yoshinori Kurokawa
Do Exporters Respond to Both Tariffs and Nominal Exchange Rates? Evidence from Chinese Firm-Product Data


Tom Mtenje and Hisahiro Naito
Selection Mechanism and Variation of Years of Schooling across Birth Months in Malawi

Hisahiro Naito and Yu Takagi
Is Racial Salary Discrimination Disappearing in the NBA? Evidence from Data during 1985--2015

Hisahiro Naito and Yu Takagi
Is There A Positive Association between Increasing Salary Discrimination in the NBA and Unshrinking Racial Income Gap of White and Black Citizens ?


Hisahiro Naito
Optimal Shadow Prices for the Public Sector in the Presence of a Non-linear Income Tax System in an Open Economy

Hisahiro Naito and Yu Takagi
Does Increasing Salary Discrimination in the NBA Reflect Disparity of Fans' Purchasing Power?

Hisahiro Naito and Yu Takagi
Is Racial Salary Discrimination Disappearing in the NBA? Evidence from Data during 1985-2015


Hisahiro Naito
A Note on the Responsiveness Condition of the Household Public Goods

Hisahiro Naito
Provision of Household Public Goods and the Household Income Distribution

Daiji Kawaguchi, Yukitoshi Matsushita, and Hisahiro Naito
Moment Estimation of the Probit Model with an Endogenous Continuous Regressor

Hisahiro Naito
Immigration as a Policy Tool for the Double Burden Problem of Prefunding Pay-as-you-go Social Security System

Reshmi Kumari and Yuko Nakano
Does Land Lease Tenure Insecurity Cause Decreased Productivity and Investment in the Sugar Industry? Evidence from Fiji


Hisahiro Naito
The Effect of Inflow of Unskilled Immigrants on Natives' Human Capital Accumulation: Difference of Differences Estimation Using Policy Changes in Japan

Ken Yamada and Hisahiro Naito
Neutrality Theorem Revisited: An Empirical Examination of Household Public Goods Provision

Hisahiro Naito
Pareto-improving Consumption Tax When the Return from Capital is idyosyncratic and (Optimal or non-Optimal) Capital Income Tax is available

Hisahiro Naito
Pareto-improving Immigration in the Presence of Social Security

Yoshinori Kurokawa
A Simple Model of Competition Policies, Trade, and the Skill Premium

Manoj Atlia and Yoshinori Kurokawa
Entry Costs, Task Variety, and Skill Flexibility: A Simple Theory of (Top) Income Skewness


Yoshinori Kurokawa, Jiaren Pang and Yao Tang
Exchange Rate Regimes and Wage Comovements in a Ricardian Model with Money

Hisahiro Naito
Pareto-improving Immigration and Its Effect on Capital Accumulation in the Presence of Social Security

Yoshito Takasaki
Deforestation, forest fallowing, and soil conservation in shifting cultivation

Yoshito Takasaki
Do natural disasters beget fraud victimization? : Unrealized coping through labor migration among the poor

Yoshito Takasaki
Learning from disaster: Community-based marine protected areas in Fiji


Yoshito Takasaki
Do natural disasters decrease the gender gap in schooling?


Yoshito Takasaki, Oliver T. Coomes, Christian Abizaid, and Stéphanie Brisson
An efficient nonmarket institution under imperfect markets: Labor sharing for tropical forest clearing

Yoshito Takasaki
Economic models of shifting cultivation: a review

Chingunjav Amarsanaa and Yoshinori Kurokawa
The Extensive Margin of International Trade in a Transition Economy: The Case of Mongolia

Yoshito Takasaki
How is disaster aid allocated within poor villages?

Yoshito Takasaki
Do chiefly systems discourage schooling?

Yoshito Takasaki
Fraud and Poverty: Exploring Ex Ante Victim Data

Yoshinori Kurokawa, Jiaren Pang, and Yao Tang
Exchange Rate Regimes, Trade, and the Wage Comovements


Yasusada Murata, Ryo Nakajima, Ryosuke Okamoto, and Ryuichi Tamura
Localized knowledge spillovers and patent citations: A distance-based approach


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