Program in Economic and Public Policy (PEPP) General Track

About PEPP General Track (Program in Economic and Public Policy General Track)

PEPP General Track is an 18-months master’s program, taught in English, which offers a Master of Arts in Economics degree.  PEPP General Track is best suited for international and Japanese students wishing to acquire expertise in economics and cutting-edge econometric analysis of economic issues in developing/developed countries.  Upon successful completion of all requirements of PEPP General Track, students will receive a degree of Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Tsukuba.

After graduation, our students choose different paths. Our students wishing success in academic fields often decide to go to Ph.D programs and in the past they were accepted in good reputable univeristies including famous Ph.D courses in the USA. Students wishing success in business find job successfully in good reputable companies. Students who are interested in working in public sector find jobs in the government and NGO.

History of PEPP

PEPP (or WBGSP or PEPPM as its predecessor) is the oldest partner program in Japan of the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program, a large scholarship program for young professionals from developing countries funded by the Government of Japan and managed by the World Bank Institute in Washington, DC. During the past twenty years, more than a hundred students from over forty developing countries have graduated from PEPPM. The University of Tsukuba PEPP is also one of many academic institutions which participate in the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP).

About PEPP

In PEPP , there are two tracks: PEPP General Track and PEPP World Bank/Asian Development Bank Scholarship (PEPP WB/ADB Scholarship) Track. Students of PEPP General Track may be self-financed, or obtain scholarships from the Japanese government (MEXT scholarship)[1] or any other organizations. The PEPP WB/ADB Scholarship Track is for those who succeed in obtaining scholarships from the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank. The academic program is the same for these two tracks, the only difference being the source of funding[2].

Students of PEPP General Track and WB/ADB Scholarship Track

[1] For applicants who passed the screening of the embassy recommendation of the MEXT scholarship, the entrance examination is held in summer.

[2] Please note that, due to the difference of funding sources, the field trips and Japanese language course are not included in the program of the PEPP General Track. Students in the General Track can participate in these activities when they self-finance the cost of these activities.

Program Outline

In both PEPP General Track and PEPP WB/ADB Scholarship Track, courses are designed so that students with different backgrounds in education can master the cutting-edge knowledge of economics within our 18-months program.  With 20 years of experience managing the program, we are confident that students with different academic backgrounds eventually can learn all essential elements of modern economics.

The program starts in October with classes such as introductory macroeconomics, microeconomics, international development, statistics and research writing.  After taking those introductory courses in the fall term, the program starts to offer more advanced courses such as macroeconomics, econometrics and data management.  Then, students can take a variety of applied courses and policy oriented courses such as development economics, international trade, public economics,  applied time series, health economics and international finance.  In addition to these classes, students are also required to attend weekly research workshops, where they present the progress of their research on their respective master theses.

Students who successfully pass the oral examination of the master’s thesis and obtain 30 credits or more of mandatory courses offered in our program will be awarded a degree of Master of Arts in Economics.

Possible Career Path After Graduation

After graduating from our PEPP Generak Track, several paths are possible.  Students wishing success in academic fields usually decdie to go to doctoral programs. (In the past, students were successfully accepted at University of Michigan Ph.D course (USA), University of Ohio Ph.D course (USA), Michigan State Uniersity Ph.D course (USA), Univeristy of Tokyo doctoral course (Japan), University of Tsukuba doctoral course (Japan)).  Students wishing success in business in most cases find job in private sector successfully (In the past, students found job in Sumitomo Chemical Corp., Hitachi Corp., Accenture, etc).  Students wishing success in the public sector find job in the governments  and NGO.

Eligible Applicants of PEPP General Track

Applicants who satisfy the following three conditions can apply to the program:  (i) have obtained a Bachelor degree (or expecting to receive a bachelor degree by the start of the program);  (ii) have the intellectual capacity to successfully complete our program;  and (iii) have English language ability required for a MA program.

Students of General Track, WB/ADB Scholarship Track and professors at the graduation ceremony


Financing Your Study at PEPP General Track

There are three ways to finance your study at PEPP General Track.

  1. Self-finance:  In this case, any applicant who satisfies the above three conditions can apply to the program.
  2. MEXT (Japanese government Monbukagakusho) scholarship:  Those who are already receiving the scholarship from Japanese government (MEXT scholarship) are eligible to apply. In addition, those who are now applying for the scholarship from the Japanese government and who have a certificate of the primary selection issued by the Japanese embassies (Embassy Recommendation) can apply to our program. [Entrance Examination (Summer) only] 
  3. Scholarship from other funding sources:  Any applicants who have other scholarships are eligible to apply regardless of their nationality.

Note that if you are interested in studying in PEPP and if you are eligible for applying for WB/ADB scholarship, you can apply both for PEPP General track and WB/ADB scholarship track. The application period of PEPP WB/ADB Scholarship Track is November-February every year.

Application Period

PEPP General Track application period is June-August and November-February(expected).

Please apply from the following webpage:


Before making your application, you are obligated to make a contact with our deputy director. For this please email your research plan and transcript to: pepp-cepgt [at] (Please replace [at] with @.)) and gain the approval of him or her on your research plan.
From among the submitted applications, we first select the candidates by examining the application documents. Those who pass the first selection will have a screening interview, which is conducted by the program faculty. Applicants who pass the screening interview will be granted the admission to the program. Those successful applicants who pass the screening in March-April will start their study in October of the same year . Those successful applicants who passes the screening in August-September will start their study in October in the next year. After 18 months of study and fulfilling all the requirements of the program, students will receive a degree of Master of Arts in Economics.

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