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Preliminary List of Courses

Course title Instructor Credits Term Requirement
Introductory Statistics TBA 2.0 Fall required
Introductory Microeconomics TBA 2.0 Fall required
Introductory Macroeconomics Hisahiro Naito 2.0 Fall required
Japanese Economy Yoshinori Kurokawa 2.0 Spring required
Microeconomics Yuko Nakano 2.0 Spring required
Econometrics TBA 2.0 Spring required
Macroeconomics TBA 2.0 Spring elective
Applied Microeconomics TBA 2.0 Fall elective
Public Economics Hisahiro Naito 2.0 Spring elective
Development Economics TBA 2.0 Spring elective
Social Development Mari Minowa 2.0 Fall elective
International Trade Yoshinori Kurokawa 2.0 Spring elective
Social Science Method Nathan Gilbert Quimpo 2.0 Fall elective
Principles of Development Jeet Bahadur Sapkota 2.0 Spring elective
Politics of Development Nathan Gilbert Quimpo 2.0 Spring elective
International Public Policy and Governance Ashok Sharma 2.0 Intensive elective
Research Workshop for Economics I 1.0 Fall required
Research Workshop for Economics II 1.0 Spring required
Research Workshop for Economics III 1.0 Fall required
Master's Thesis 3.0 required
Internship I 1.0 Intensive elective
Internship II 2.0 Intensive elective
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